Along with a robust training schedule, a balanced diet is fundamental for your preparation of the 50 kms GOQii Trail Challenge 2023. A balanced diet, with special attention to carbohydrates and proteins is essential as you start training 3 months prior to the event.

Nutrition Time Table

Pre Workout

Combination of simple and complex carbohydrates for slow and steady release of glucose (energy). For e.g. Fruits + milk OR boiled sweet potato mash + nuts OR 2 whole wheat bread slices smeared with peanut butter.

During Workout

Water + Electrolytes

Post Workout

Combination of simple carbs + proteins for quick release of glucose (energy) and muscle recovery plus electrolytes (if you have sweated a lot). For e.g. Whole wheat bread / roti + eggs / paneer OR fruit & nut smoothie OR fruits + dry fruits + whey.