The Ultimate guide to finishing the GOQii Trail Challenge 2023

  • Focus on completing the race, as you have to finish 50 kms in 18 hours.
    Don't be in a hurry, it’s not a race but an endurance event.
    Conserve your energy and be strong. Don’t overcommit yourself in the early phases and pace yourself well.
    Time your breaks and keep munching on light snacks to retain energy.
    Focus on injury prevention. This is the #1 reason why people Don't complete endurance events.
    Make the most of your time with friends in the heart of nature as this will be an experience of a lifetime.

  • Start at 5:00 AM at a faster pace as your legs are fresh.
    Try to do around 5 km per hour for the first few hours.
    This section is pretty straightforward and you should find it easy in the pre-dawn cool weather
    Ensure you stretch at each checkpoint & stay hydrated.
    As the sun climbs up, ensure you walk as a team and motivate each other.
    The pace will drop once you cross the 25km mark.
    Once you cross the 35km mark, it's just a mind game. Stick to the slowest person in your team and motivate them. This would be the time when the weather becomes cool again as the night approaches.
    The last 5kms, be happy, cheerful and push to the finish line.

  • After every 5 kms, take a 10 minute break to focus on muscle recovery.
    Change your socks if you have a tendency to sweat too much.
    Stretching during a break is a must.
    Drink ORS/Energy drinks during a break. The reason being, you lose a lot of salts which are important for your muscles. Lack of salts cause dehydration and cramps.
    Upon reaching a checkpoint, do not sleep or spend too much time resting. Remember, you have just 18 hours.

  • Wear long dri-fit / cargo pants and wear comfortable shoes with a good grip.
    Don’t use new shoes without breaking into them.
    Change your socks after every checkpoint should you feel like it.
    Use petroleum jelly like Vaseline in problem areas like underarms, thighs, groin, nipples and wherever else you may need it. If you don’t, it will hurt bad.
    Hydrate yourself frequently with water, electrolytes in small quantities. Don’t drink too much.
    Drink ORS/Energy drinks during a break. The reason being, you lose a lot of salts which are important for your muscles. Lack of salts cause dehydration and cramps.
    Use sunscreen lotion liberally on all exposed parts of your body at regular intervals.
    Wear compression clothing to help improve blood circulation and prevent cramps.
    Wear a wide hat or a cap to cover your head well.
    Watch your step. Part of the trail is rocky so you might sprain your ankle. It is advisable to carry a pain relief spray, just in case.
    Be mindful of other species living on the trail.

  • Practice together. It is important to be familiar with each other’s pace.
    NEVER leave the group. Always walk in pairs.
    All women teams should walk in larger groups, especially at night.
    The slowest member in the team is the pace keeper. Hence, your speed at all times should be as per that member.
    Train well, eat healthy and prepare a time schedule well in advance before hitting the trail. Check out our training & nutrition guides.

  • Eat carbs, carbs and more carbs. Check out our nutrition guide.
    Carry light snacks such as theplas, biscuits, dry fruits and nuts.
    Avoid carrying or eating junk food while on the trail.
    Food coupons will be provided to those teams who have opted for it. Make sure you to take your breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons for food.

  • Hat/Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, extra pair of socks.
    Keep your 10-15L backpack very light.
    First aid basics (blister tapes, band-aid, pain relief sprays, cotton, cream for cuts, etc.)
    Your prescribed medication (if any)
    Adequate drinking water and 500 ml ORS. This is sufficient between checkpoint to checkpoint.
    Bite sized snacks such as theplas, biscuits, dry fruits etc.

  • Full length dri-fit / cargo pants
    Headlamp and torch
    Mosquito repellent
    Walking sticks
    Warm clothing and jackets as the evenings are chilly.

  • You are amidst the nature so ensure you don’t spoil it.
    Do not harm other living species on the trail. Remember you are the guest in their house.
    Do not litter & carry your used garbage to dispose it at the next camp. This includes the smallest piece of plastic. So you can carry some garbage bags for such use.
    The villagers don't see many people from the city so be friendly and respectful to them.
    Remember to enjoy the walk. The glory, the pain you will achieve at the end is unparalleled.