Gaming Guru, Fitness Enthusiast & Entreprener

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Vishal Gondal started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 founding IndiaGames and is best known as the Father of the Indian Gaming Industry. Having taken the company to amazing heights, in 2012, IndiaGames was acquired by the Walt Disney Company, post which he served as Managing Director Digital, Disney UTV. He is also a notable Angel Investor. Vishal was listed among the top 50 executives in the mobile content space by the UK based 'Mobile Entertainment' Magazine alongside noted people like Steve Jobs

He enjoys running Marathons, Ultras, Trekking & Sky Diving. His love for the outdoors and pushing oneself physically dates to his growing years when he was a national level volleyball player. Vishal is a long time TEDster, gadget & gizmo freak and a judge on two television shows 'The Pitch' on Bloomberg TV & 'Your Wish is my App' on NDTV. His passion for technology, fitness & gaming led him to his next venture GOQii which is focused on helping people make a change towards a healthier lifestyle and be the force of good.


Ironman Athlete, Marathoner & force behind various running events.

Community focused and a leading advocate for health & fitness in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Daniel is a force behind running and multisport events in the capital city and wider region. Focused on improving health & fitness habits and reversing the trend of obesity in the region, Daniel believes providing opportunity for families to participate in activities with a sense of community enables people of all ages to set and achieve their fitness goals.

Daniel is a voluntary committee member of the Abu Dhabi Striders, President of the Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club and is involved in youth programs such as the Future Champions and Abu Dhabi Inter-Schools Aquathlon series. Regularly accepting the challenge to train for endurance events, Daniel has completed numerous full and half distance marathons and Ironman races around the world. He has a very understanding wife and four kids who also participate in multisport events on a regular basis


Author, Nutritionist, & Health Coach

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Leading nutritionist, motivational speaker, published Author of 'Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right - Your personal health coach', sold globally, Luke has been involved in nutrition and fitness even since he graduated from IHM with specialization in food science and nutrition. Luke is an 'International Collaborator 'with the University of Yale, Griffin - Prevention research center, CT, U.S.A and practices in the field of nutrition, health, preventive and alternative treatment.

Luke facilitates sessions for various clubs, forums, YPO's, WPO's, EO's, Rotary clubs and people groups across the country and globally as well. He speaks on topics related to health, nutrition, lifestyle and disease. Luke has been certified by University of Yale, Griffin - Prevention research center, CT, U.S.A and conducts certified programs for children and adults in the field of nutrition, health and lifestyle. He has exclusive rights to deliver this program across India and Asia.

He encourages and helps people steer away from conventional medicine and uses natural foods. He believes in a lifestyle change and helps and coaches people to make 'shifts in their lifestyles to achieve their health goals.


Behaviour Change Designer With Stanford Prevention Research Center

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Kendra Markel designs technology to make healthy behavior change mostly for behavior-based health problems. Her behavioral tools focus on the emotional and social factors of big lifestyle changes and use neuroscience insights and emotional automation to influence behavior and coach people through the process of making change.

Her background includes bio-medical engineering degrees from MIT, working with Kaiser Permanente clinical care teams on patient wellness pilot programs and ongoing research with the Stanford Prevention Research Center on stealth health and innovative ways to use mobile and social media to change behavior and improve health. She is a popular and dynamic health tech conference speaker and has presented talks and workshops at Web 2.0 Expo, Mobile Health, Healthcare Unbound, Games for Health and many others. She has taught classes on innovation in healthcare at both MIT and Stanford.

This is truly a time to better understand how to use technology to motivate, incentivize and coach behavior change and to scale up tools that really work. This is her mission.