•Gamifying Wellness

Challenges, Leader boards, and Rewards

launch corporate challenges to promote employee wellness, track engagement levels on leaderboards & reward winners with healthy goodies!

Leader boards

Check progress and keep a track on employee engagement within your company


Exclusive fitness challenges aimed at improving the health index of your organization


Employees get rewarded with cash discounts, health gadgets and more!

comprehensive dashboard•

Bespoke Solutions
Backed By Data

HRA analysis pre and post sign-up provides your organization with an overall trend of employee health.

Acitivity dashboards gives you a glimpse of disease prevalence, activity levels, participation, and engagement.

Health dashboard helps you track your employee’s health vitals like temperature, heart rate, and SpO2 on a real-time basis.

•Live Sessions

HRA Backed Curated Health Sessions

Exclusive weekly workout and talk sessions for employees based on the health risk analysis data

Branding Avenues•

Corporate Touchpoints
For Awareness

Branding on the App and Website improves employer awareness while E-mail communication re-enforces employee engagement.

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employee’s journey to wellness

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healthier and better lives.

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