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Smart Preventive Health EcoSystem

GOQii ecosystem combines a Smart Fitness Band, an App, Care Team including a Personal Coach, Experts and a Doctor to help you meet your health targets.

Our partnership with top diagnostics labs allows you to get the recommended test done from home and access reports directly on the app.

GOQii Health Locker offers you unlimited cloud storage to securely upload organize and track all your health records.

Through Karma, GOQii enables you to walk, earn and donate karma points to social causes and #BeTheForce of Good.

Care Team

The GOQii care team is a dedicated set of health and lifestyle professionals who can help you achieve your health goals and address your lifestyle related health issues.


GOQii’s roster of coaches include nutritionists, personal trainers, and wellness experts who will guide, motivate and support you to make lasting improvements in your health and wellbeing.


The GOQii Life program has been designed by the GOQii Experts who constantly work along with Coaches to help you achieve your goals. The experts are available for consult via the GOQii App.


The GOQii Doctor is a board certified general practitioner who can give you preventive consults over a mail or a phone call. GOQii Doctor is an integrated service you can avail with your subscription.



Today insurance companies assess risk of an individual basis the health reports submitted initially.

GOQii ecosystem is designed to reduce the health risk of that individual after he buys the policy.

This helps to reduce claim cost and allow insurers to better price their products for consumers. This leads to healthier customers and healthier bottom line too.



Disease management

Chronic diseases represent one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare systems across the world. These diseases are largely manageable through medication adherence, counselling, behavioral modification and motivation.

The GOQii ecosystem is designed to keep chronic diseases under control through increased adherence to therapy, lifestyle change and continuous data monitoring. Doctors are adopting the GOQii ecosystem for managing chronic diseases of their patients and are seeing great results.


NHS UK's largest GP super partnership

Diagnostics & Data

Data is at the center of all the health and lifestyle recommendations at GOQii. Apart from the data captured by the fitness tracker and app, GOQii provides additional features for seamless health data management

Health Locker

GOQii provides its users with unlimited cloud storage to securely upload prior health records and test results into the Health Locker which they can choose to share with their coach or doctor.

Partner Labs

GOQii has tied up with diagnostics labs like Thyrocare, which allow users to book tests directly via the GOQii app. Test results are directly sent to the Health Locker to be reviewed by the GOQii Coach and GOQii Doctor.

GOQii Arena

The GOQii social feature lets you discover and make new friends, share your habits, goals, health & fitness stories, as well as motivate each other! It helps you build communities of like-minded individuals who share similar goals with GOQii users within the app in your region.


An interactive live-video platform where you can watch and learn from fitness experts as they talk about lifestyle tips and perform fitness workouts.

There are numerous benefits:

Live Videos on fitness and health
Ask questions and get live answers
Get guidance from Fitness Coaches and Experts
Be inspired from our GOQii players fitness journeys

Health STORE

The GOQii Health store is a one-stop online health store that offers a whole suit of curated health products and services. These products are tested for quality by our experts before being launched on the store. You can also redeem your GOQii Cash for discounts on listed products.

Healthy Foods
Online pharmacy
Gym Subscriptions
Genetic Testing & Diagnostics


Our innovative, multifaceted rewards program will give tangible benefits to its users for being healthy and to stay motivated.

Insurance Rewards

These rewards are fulfilled by our insurance partners and are available to all the users who are subscribed to integrated GOQii insurance packages.

Active Band

Active Band users will be awarded 500 EDGE REWARD points for completing 70,000 steps in a week. For more information, visit Active Band website.

GOQii Cash

GOQii Cash is a virtual rewards program that is awarded for completing weekly steps targets and other health goals. It can be redeemed at the GOQii Health Store for discounts.

Corporate Wellness

GOQii’s enterprise offering provides an end to end preventive wellness solution.

As a part of the corporate wellness initiative, GOQii strives to improve employee productivity and morale, reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism.

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It has been proven scientifically that the act of giving generates personal happiness. At GOQii, our philosophy has been to achieve harmony between mind, body & soul.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s journey of 390 KM, for every 390 steps tracked through your activity tracker, you earn 1 Karma Point.
Karma Points get converted to monetary donations by our donor partners.

Karma Partners


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I have achieved my health goals reducing my weight from 88 kgs to 74 kgs

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Awards & Recognition

Harvard Case Study

Harvard Business School has published a case study:
GOQii: Envisioning a New Fitness Future


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India’s no. 1 fitness wearable

As per IDC report, GOQii is the market leader in fitness wearable category with a 16.1 per cent share

Fitness band company of the year

GOQii was named the fitness band company of the year at the Device World leadership awards 2017