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GOQii- The Elixir for Corporations
Driven by innovation, GOQii aims at providing you a holistic solution to Employee Wellness & Engagement. Every individual benefits from a state of the art GOQii Fitness Tracker and a certified Personal Human Coach who analyses the health data and motivates the user to think and practice health at all times. GOQii just doesn't focus on personal wellness but also brings in the social context with its Karma initiatives. From the organisational perspective, GOQii helps you drive an engagement program which revolves around activity data of your employees, ranging from step counts, calories burnt, karma points earned, sleep data, etc.

Nutritious Meal Plans
Our Nutritionists shall examine your existing cafeteria and provide you with healthy meal plans to ensure that your employees are served nutritious meals which keep them healthy and active at work.
The Dashboard
GOQii provides you with a Dashboard consisting of team statistics, individual & team leader-boards that enable you to run competitions and reward your employees for being healthy.

Fun with your Fitness Expert
Once every month, GOQii shall send across a Fitness Expert to major locations across India who shall conduct interactive and playful sessions such as Tabata, Cross-fit, etc. for your employees.

Work out on your desk
It is important that you relax your body muscles even while your glued to the computer. Our coaches shall send e-mailers filled with desk exercises every week to ensure just that!